Who is olga fonda dating

" the Russian- born model tweeted on her proposal night. XOXO." PHOTOS: Best celebrity engagement rings of all time Fonda, 31, and Waite dated for two and a half years before taking the next step. 8, the blushing bride-to-be showed off her stunning engagement ring during the 2014 People's Choice Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles for the first time.

PHOTOS: People's Choice 2014 -- see what the stars wore On the red carpet, Olga looked gorgeous in a gray and black plunging ensemble with beaded detail.

One of my favorite things about shooting this show was the BREAKFAST!!! The breakfast was so good that it really helped jumpstart my day. I often found myself driving on an empty freeway because everyone was still asleep! During the first few days, I had to adjust to the loud noise on set which included gun shots and explosions. There is something magical about feeling the paper, making notes and page marks. I heard a lot about this show, but didn't start watching until I learned that I was auditioning for it. I struggled with the sides all the way until I read in the room. Little did I know that I would be traveling to Atlanta a few hours later! Then so many of my colleagues and friends only knew me by that name that it became my real name. We had the privilege of spending time with Sharon while promoting the show.

When we shot on location, the schedule would be all over the place. I am a little old fashioned and I love to have my scripts printed out. It was really hard to find time to hang out with castmates before and after work. I really enjoyed both of those sports, but I have to admit basketball wasn't my calling.

star Olga Fonda is engaged, her rep confirms to Us Weekly.

The actress and her boyfriend Liam Waite got engaged on New Year's Eve. Let the new year bring lots of love, happiness, and prosperity!!!

Stone said, "I was actually getting ready to go and he was like, 'Mom, you're going to go to this by yourself?Clinton might ask me to do."Switching gears from professional to personal, the actress, who is single at the moment, revealed what she is looking for in a man. I like when people are polite and confident in themselves and have their own thing going on…act like you know who you are.""Agent X" premieres Sunday, November 8. I was placed with the Auclair family in East Winthrop, Maine. S., I knew little English and didn't have any friends. I quickly called my fiancé (now husband) Liam and told him that I REALLY REALLY wanted that puppy. Since he was out of town he wasn't sure if he was ready for a dog, but I introduced his kids to the puppy and they fell in love. Liam's eldest son, Tristan, named her Luna (Goddess of the moon). You'll recognize her as Nadia, daughter of Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev), in The Vampire Diaries. My dying scene was a combination of make-up and CGI. I had to take a few tests and write an essay on why I would like to travel to the U. When I learned that I had passed the tests, I was beyond excited. She sent me photos of the puppy and I immediately fell in love. Was your Agent X character name, "Olga", named after you? I like to joke that the creator of the show (Blake Herron) secretly had me in mind when he was creating this role, but he didn't know me back then.

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