Wannabe sexy

Loving doing my @hollysbodybible routines in the sun.'Earlier in the week the star set pulses racing with another teasing snap.

Posting an envy-inducing holiday snap alongside a friend - who also bared his cheeks for the jokey picture - Holly showed off her extremely perky derriere in a thong bikini.

It is an uptempo electropop song with elements of the 1966 song, “He’s Always There” by British rock band The Yardbirds.

“When I Grow Up” speaks about the desire to be famous, and was described as being “autobiographical” by Scherzinger.

Holly wrote: 'Getting stronger everyday now I'm focused!

Cause that's when these late bloomers finally own their "I don't give a fuck" attitudes and start looking to score with much younger men.She said: 'When I meet people now, the first thing they ask is if I've had my lips done - but I like that, if I get something done I want it to be noticeable.'I'm not a fan of the natural look.'I had my boobs done a month ago, and I'm so happy with the result - but now I just want them bigger,' said Karys.'I took a picture of Chloe Khan with me to show the surgeon, I think her look is incredible - she's so extreme, which I love.'I look at reality TV stars like Chloe and I think they're just perfect - I'd love to have their lives, but having their look is a good start.'Karys admits that she struggled to accept her looks when she was younger, so when she started earning her own money she seized the opportunity to change herself.Karys, who said Khan's 'extreme' look is 'incredible', even showed a picture of the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant to her surgeon to ensure she got the results she was after.'A lot of people are doing it, and I didn't see the harm in it.'Karys has had four sets of lip fillers since May last year, at a cost of £1,200, and she spent £6,500 on a boob job that took her from a C cup to a double E cup.

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