Steam not updating vista

Will I face any sort of issue if I update my Windows? I've contacted securerom to tell them to fix their ****, but it looks like I may have to use the work around to remove the DRM that rockstar used in order to make it playable again. The sad part, that San Andreas works perfectly fine on Win10, and that game is older than GTA IV.

That's pretty sad Rockstar, that you couldn't make GTA4 work better on the PC, as the PC port is pure rubbish in regard to stability and customization. Do not install Win10, if you want to keep on playing this game, and for those who have not bought the game and have Win10. If you think that this is just about Windows 10 I will tell you now it isn't.

This initial tip is courtesy of Deadly Stream forum member HK-47.


Or you can Manually uninstall Uplay: Navigate to the Uplay Installed Location and double click on "Uninstall.exe" then follow through to uninstall Uplay. Also, for those unfortunate enough (such as myself) to never even have the game load, there will be no Gamer file within the Far Cry 3 folder (under My Games) to change. And, I should have been more specific - the 3.5 SP1 file will not execute under any mode (including normal).

Uninstall Uplay and FC3 from the "Programs and features" in your "Control Panel" 1B. Or you can Manually uninstall Uplay: Navigate to the Uplay Installed Location and double click on "Uninstall.exe" then follow through to uninstall Uplay. In Windows 8 (the OS I'm running), there is no option for disabling visual themes or for disabling desktop composition. EDIT: Well, I have it added into my Nvidia control panel and it's set to use Application-controlled settings.

Please confirm your network connection and try again“.

This system makes it so much easier because there is no need to wait for the arrival of the installation disc after purchase and the need to care for the CD/DVD which can be easily scratched and damaged.

Credit for these instructions should go to Renegade Sniper7, Astrotoy, Q, and alinadem.

Blame to should go to me in case I've royally screwed things up in putting this thread together.

You will end up on that little treadmill of Securom with all the other suckers, like a hamster on a wheel going round and round and round. i got windows 10 and gta 4 but as you know it dosent work, the same ** wit gta eflc so i got on the internet and tryd to find out how to run it on windows 10 and got solwd som problem with the login social club windows live and grafiks but then the game starts loading, all the loading pictures comes upp and bang...

It's not about you and what games you like to play. You are expected to buy a game, then when its PRE-PLANNED BUILT IN OBSOLESCENCE kicks in - at the arrival of new operating systems, new games, new video cards, components, devices, it doesn't matter if you OWN THE LICENSE to play a game YOU PAID FOR... And do these multi-multi-million dollar corporations give a crap you can't play your old game from 2007 or whatever? gta4stopt working and it dont even serach the problem.

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