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The author argues that if the land board sells under the terms of the Lone Rock proposal, Oregonians will lose their first state forest and see dramatic reductions in protections for salmon and closure of half the forest to public access.

Bob Van Dyk Coos and Douglas Chamber of Commerce leaders call for the sale of the Elliott State Forest to the Lone Rock Timber Management Company (March 9 op-ed).

By contrast, selling under the terms of the Lone Rock proposal, Oregonians would not only lose our first state forest, we would see dramatic reductions in protections for salmon and closure of half the forest to public access.

It could also cost Oregonians jobs by allowing raw logs harvested from the Elliott to be sent overseas rather than milling them here. When the land board started the protocol process in 2015, they didn't know the price, didn't know what offers would come in, and showed concern and reservations even as they decided to give the approach a try.

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At the February meeting, the Lone Rock proposal was still not accepted; rather, two members of the land board directed further negotiations to incorporate higher conservation standards.

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