Radiodating history

The next year Marconi opened the first radio factory in Chelmsford, Essex and established a radio link between Britain and France. In 1909 Marconi shared the Nobel prize in physics for his wireless telegraph. Signals only But Marconi’s wireless telegraph transmitted only signals.Voice over the air, as we know radio today, came only in 1921.

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Reputable scientists have presented the contrary evidence, but it is not accepted. "Countless [radioactive dating] determinations have been made by this method, but it was found that the premises on which the method rests are not valid for most uranium minerals. Eichler, "Algebraic and Graphic Methods for Evaluating Discordant Lead-Isotope Ages," in U. Such `confirmation' may be short-lived, as nature is not to be discovered quite so easily. This book is the group’s first major report of its research and findings. It will be difficult reading for laymen and most scientists not versed in the methods of radioactive dating. Chaffin ICR, El Cajon, CA & CRS, St Joseph, MI, 2000 by Michael Oard A group of young-Earth researchers called RATE (Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth) are investigating radioactive dating methods and developing alternative young-Earth explanations.This is the only part of the book I would question because Baumgardner believes the evidence for these events in the past is overwhelming.There are probably myriads of evolutionary/uniformitarian assumptions that have gone into these Earth model deductions.

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