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No public relation campaign could change the images of children killed and entire families wiped out of the map.

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Images such this had changed people’s perception of Israel.

Last massacre in Gaza put Israel face in the news under its true colors.

Last year Francis-Macrae was convicted of a number of other charges arising from his 1.6 million domain name fraud, including making threats to kill police officers and trading standards officials who were investigating his activities. I spent the first hour of the day trying not to listen to a pair of programmers trying to figure out how to configure an i Pod that one of them had bought for her boyfriend.

Israel loves the spotlight of the cameras but this time the spotlight is for Boycott Divestment and Sanction, which recently has been taking center stage in every major news outlet, alternative media and blogging systems.

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They asked us a lot of questions,” Miss Igleasias said.

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