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If wi-fi weakens, it switches to a phone's cellular network.

Video chatting has great importance in teens world that everybody who owns an Android smartphone/tablet want to hangout video chat with their friends, family members, and more…

Duo also uses phone numbers, rather than a Google account or Gmail address, making it easier to call friends, family and other people already stored on smartphone contact lists.

The company's existing video calling and messaging app, Hangouts, requires a Google account which limited adoption, especially in emerging markets.

Video chatting have made the world so connected with each other and of course IT (information technology) paid a good role in this case.

So, what I’ve decided to write about today is something that most of the people especially Android users are looking for…

Facebook's Whats App and Messenger, Skype - now owned by Microsoft - and Apple's Face Time used phone numbers to grow faster.

Duo constantly performs "bandwidth estimation" to understand how much video can be delivered.

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