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Her husband Cameron Faulkner was jealous and payed the Vinings to run off with Laura. Laura would move in with Rick and Lesley when they married.

Laura began dating Scott Baldwin and caused a bit of a stir by asking Rick's former lover, Dr.

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The street in front of her home was being torn up for repaving and her body could have easily been buried in one of the deep ditches, only to be covered with dirt and asphalt the next day. The next morning, Lonnie and Lisa's third roommate, another stewardess, returned home at am and found the door unlocked, which was very odd. Joni had gone to sleep in her basement room of a big house which several young people rented together.

Bundy was uncomfortable and quickly changed the subject when questioned before his execution, about child murders he was most likely responsible for. She walked into their room and thought them to be asleep, but no one responded when she spoke to them. A blood-covered piece of wood was found in a nearby vacant lot. The next afternoon, after she hadn't appeared all morning, her housemates went to check on her and found her lying in her bed, her hair and face matted with dried blood.

When David's seduction of Lesley failed, David decided that Laura would serve his purposes just as well and began befriending her.

Laura became smitten with the older man and the two embarked on an affair.

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