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But his video spoof of Miley Cyrus' already iconic "Wrecking Ball" video may be his greatest achievement yet.

Analytics firm RJMetrics has put together interesting data about the latest internet craze, Chatroulette, the site that pairs you up with a random stranger for video chats.

Such heady days will not last — and then what will be left?

A quick primer on Vine: It’s an extremely easy-to-use app that allows users to simultaneously shoot and edit very short videos.

Best played with a group because the internet is a lonely and desolate place: Everytime you see a penis you scream loudly to surprise a masturbator into disconnecting.

A second, related feature is Channelroulette, which lets you start or join a channel with a custom title/theme.

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The guy who brilliantly recreated the “Wrecking Ball” video on Chatroulette is at it again with another stunt — and this one is seasonal.

Canadian comedian Steve Kardynal, probably the only “celebrity” to emerge from Chatroulette, is bringing holiday cheer to strangers he encounters on the randomized video chat website with a dazzling rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” He dons a blonde wig and super-skimpy Santa outfit and writhes around in a home-made winter wonderland as he passionately lip-synchs everyone’s favorite Christmas tune.

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