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It is formed by several irregular levels of terraced houses.

It has few alleys, most are absent, and instead the flat roof of houses form a pathway for the level above.

The student uprising in 1999, when Tavakolian was still a teenager, was seminal.

Tehran had not seen such violence on its streets since the Islamic revolution of two decades earlier, and merely the act of photographing such an event was life-threatening.

She started at the women's daily newspaper Zan, and later worked for other nine reformist dailies, all of which have since been banned.

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About 3,500 Iranian women are currently training to be ninjas, a trend I wrote about earlier this month.Perhaps they will serve as a reminder, both to medieval-minded rulers inside Iran and the many curious people outside of it, that even if gender laws there are from the eighth century, its women are not.Go here to read more about Iran's female ninjas, why they do it, and the challenges they face.The protests, small at first, began on the day of the forced closure of a moderate and progressive newspaper, Salam.Away from politics and the intense debate of the Iran provisional nuclear agreement, here is some of my collection of photos from my visit to this fascinating country.

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