Internet dating disabilities

Come to terms with your disability, learn how to live with it, and then look at how you can fit your disability in around your dating, not the other way around. Being ‘’ from other people is hard work sometimes, but the one thing that will always see you through is a jolly good sense of humour.You are going to have bad dates, but that’s because you’re dating, not because you are disabled.Today, dating for people with a disability has become a lot easier with the majority of people having access to the internet.Those who are disabled now find there are many opportunities online for meeting new people and forming friendships and relationships.Dating4Disabled is an online community for people with disabilities.Our members use our dating service not only to find love, but also friendship.Around 10% of the people in the world are currently living with a disability.

Go on dates with men you wouldn’t normally go on dates with, and try a new dating approach entirely.

It’s just that it may take you twice as long to get dressed in the morning.

You may have special ramps set up in your home, and your countertops may be lower, so you can reach them from your wheelchair.

There are things you can’t do, places you can’t go, interests you can’t explore…

There are already limitations put on your relationships because of your disability, so why would you highlight them even further and make your disability the one thing that governs your entire dating life, or future relationships?

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