Fim reference dn not updating

The product Help tells you how to configure the prerequisites for each of these MA types.

We’re going to use a codeless sync rule to import data, so we don’t need a join or projection rule here.

This post assumes you already have FIM installed, and have created the FIM Management Agent.The service account used in the connection properties of the Management Agent must have sufficient rights to execute the required changes in AD.Typically a Domain Admin account will be used, but if this is not permitted in your environment you will need to do some testing. Value = mail Nickname 'The following filter selects users whose department equals the DDL cn csentry("ms Exch Dynamic DLFilter"). cn=System Mailbox)" _ & "(&(&(&(& (mailnickname=*)" _ & "(| (&(object Category=person)(object Class=user)" _ & "(|(home MDB=*)(ms Exch Home Server Name=*))) )))" _ & "(object Category=user)(department=" _ & mventry("cn").But there is no direct way to do this kind of OU (container) assignment in Active Directory.Some applications with integrated access to AD allow for OU assignments, but that doesn’t help you with your day-to-day maintenance of your Active Directory domain.

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