Excel worksheet updating macro

I have tried to accomplish the task with simple formulas, but have so far been unsuccessful. Name = clientname End With End If 'Copy column I from work to client name column A Set wks1 = wkb. I decided to look this up while asking the question. Unfortunately, my understanding of macros is very limited. Or does VBa allow new var's without first declaring them?Let’s take an example to understand how and where we can use this Macro in our data to reduce our daily work. We want to write this code for those employees who are working in a call center.

When you select an item in one slicer, it will automatically select the same item in another slicer.

Click on the Options button next to the Security Warning message.

When the window appears, select "Enable this content" and then click on the OK button.

Now when you click on the E-Mail Sheet button and if your e-mail client is Outlook, a new Outlook message should be created with Sheet1as the attachment (which is ONLY Sheet1 from the workbook).

You can view the VBA code by opening the Visual Basic editor.

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