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Roughly two-thirds say they have a special responsibility to take care of Druze in need around the world.About seven-in-ten Druze (72%) say their religious identity is very important to them.He finally stepped out willingly in protest against the governmental unconstitutional intervention in the Druze Religious Affairs that displayed in the Lebanese Parliament passing a Law tailored to meet the desires of a Druze political party - a law that was vetoed by His Excellency the Former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud for its clear and evident breach of constitution.This unprecedented interference that targeted the Druze out of all other religions, under the deceptive slogan Organizing the Affairs of the Druze Community, ultimately aimed at reducing the sacred role of Mashiakhat El-Aql (the symbol of Druze Religious Independency and the only official Druze Spiritual Leadership) into a folkloric dummy in the hand of the political leader.Today, 1 million-plus members of this community live primarily in Syria and Lebanon and, to a lesser extent, in Israel and Jordan.

Their tradition dates back to the 11th century and incorporates elements of Islam, Hinduism and even classical Greek philosophy.that the recent widespread criticism against him is because he “is not a Jew.” Deputy Minister Kara recently revealed a security incident on his Facebook page, for which he faced strong criticism.Kara deleted the post shortly thereafter, but defended his action.He consulted a visiting Lebanese Druze religious scholar to ask how he could learn more about the faith.The scholar told him to read the Bible, the Old Testament, the Koran and Buddhist texts and advised that a general background in religion would give him a better understanding of what it means to be Druze.

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