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[Sefardim do not have the custom to fast and wear a kittel.] It is customary for the chatan and kallah not to see each other for one week preceding the wedding.

This increases the anticipation and excitement of the event.

Simeon ben Yohai: God adorned Eve like a bride and brought her to Adam" (Genesis Rabbah 18:1).

It consists of a cloth or sheet, sometimes a tallit, stretched or supported over four poles, or sometimes manually held up by attendants to the ceremony.The dawning wedding day heralds the happiest and holiest day of one's life.This day is considered a personal Yom Kippur for the chatan (Hebrew for groom) and kallah (bride), for on this day all their past mistakes are forgiven as they merge into a new, complete soul.This document has the standing of a legally binding agreement.It is often written as an illuminated manuscript that is framed and displayed in their home.

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