Dating within your church

But talking to her about it kind of got me thinking.

If I were in that position, would I want to try to date a Mormon woman or a non-Mormon?

I do have one rather significant reservation about the future of our relationship: We come from two different denominational backgrounds.

There are several commonalities between the two, but they differ on some key ideas (baptism, church structure, approach to corporate worship).

I realize that as you get older, circumstances and priorities change.

Many of you have already had a family and aren’t interested in doing that again. Nevertheless, I am convinced that anyone who applies this advice—no matter your age or station in life—will benefit.

The congregation I came into had no singles my age. However, as it turns out, the pcg has a lot of singles.Complicating things is the fact that I feel a clear call on my life to go back to school to get a theology degree and step into full-time pastoral ministry within my denomination.Growing up in church, we are told to make sure the person we marry is a believer in Jesus. What if our core doctrinal convictions are consistent but the secondary ones are in conflict?Meanwhile, children of Zoroastrian men who intermarry are likelier to be accepted.Unlike, say, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Zoroastrianism calls for individual rather than communal worship services in its houses of worship, called fire temples, and it prescribes “good thoughts, good words, good deeds” rather than the plethora of positive and negative rules that govern other religious traditions.

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