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Jeremy Piven (Entourage) will reprise his role as the colourful but deeply troubled Harry Selfridge and ITV is pleased to confirm that Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street) is set to return as the alluring socialite, Lady Mae Loxley.Series regulars Tom Goodman-Hill, Ron Cook, Amanda Abbington, Amy Beth Hayes and Trystan Gravelle, Sacha Parkinson & Samuel West also return to tell the next chapter in the stories of their much loved characters.Conflicts between the two became apparent when Terrance attempted to persuade Vincent Chase - Ari's star client - to work with him instead.When Ari attempted to break away from the agency along with eight other agents, he was ratted out by Adam Davies (a rival agent), and was forced out by Terrance, who attempted to have his employees sign letters of commitment to his company.

Helen Raynor (Baker Boys, Doctor Who) is the lead writer working alongside Kate O’Riordan (The Bad Mother’s Handbook, The Kindness of Strangers), James Payne, Matt Jones, Hamish Wright and new writer Ben Morris.However it looks like she could be heading down a similar path to before, as the ex-girlfriend of the Mr Selfridge star has spoken out and warned Kelly to stay well away from the Hollywood playboy – eeek!Kelly Brook has been spotted in LA looking pretty cosy with former Entourage star Jeremy Piven. Despite his position as one of the most powerful agents in Hollywood, Ari acquiesces to his wife at home (who has a large inheritance from her father), who is able to keep him in check. In spite of making multiple exaggerations of a sister to whom he has referred as both crazy and a whore, Ari has also stated that he has no sister.

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