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As soon as I got my chance, I showcased my skill and tried to help my team," said Zubac."I know I can start." This will be a position battle to keep an eye on in October.

Along with the European title, he was also charming, successful, dashing and, yes, mega-rich, hard at work on his latest venture, a Canadian merchant bank called Marwa Holdings. A strong offseason would go a long way to increasing his fantasy appeal. "I think going into training camp, I’m going to have to prove myself again and prove what can I do. Hopefully I’m going to get a starting spot." Timofey Mozgov and Tarik Black are his only current competition, and Black isn't a lock to return, so the odds are good for Zubac.Instead, Walton has looked to give more minutes to develop the inexperienced Zubac.Despite stretches where he looked a bit lost, Zubac led his team Wednesday with a plus/minus of 13, 12 better than the next-best Laker, Lou Williams.

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