Christina milian dating lil wayne

"I'm really proud of what we've shown," she tells us.

"It's good TV, it's real TV, it's sisters and family and what love is.

So, this isn't the last we've seen of these two artists together -- even if it isn't always romantic.

, the singer and actress reveals the real reason behind her split with Lil Wayne!

"I got a phone call the other day, somebody asking if we were engaged,” she said in a promo clip released by E!

"I'm like, 'I wish that was the case.' And then I got a phone call the same day asking if we broke up." On last week's episode, Milian acknowledged that Weezy cheated on her.

"It's like he's way too far away for us to be trying to like fix something and it's like and it's so...

The song's about he and I, so it was perfect." Milian and Lil Wayne first met in July 2014 and quickly became a couple.

Thanks to Christina Milian's reality show, we know what really went down between the singer and ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne -- and Milian herself tuned in to re-watch her emotional breakup.

"Reliving it and watching it, it feels like it was just yesterday," she tells toofab after last night's episode. I'm proud of us for having faith and being good people.

When Lizzy Milian finds her sister crying in the backyard, Tina tells her the relationship is over because she found an Instagram photo of a woman wearing booty shorts and a sports bra and posing in the rapper's house!

Although Wayne initially tried to deny he was close with the anonymous girl, the proof was all in the picture.

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