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An all-white jury in Scranton convicted Derrick Donchak and Brandon Piekarsky of violating the civil rights of 25-year-old Luis Ramirez, who died in July 2008 following a confrontation with a group of white high school football players in the former mining town of Shenandoah. Both were led away in handcuffs and ordered held behind bars pending their Jan. Donchak is also charged in a plot to cover up the attack and obstruct an FBI investigation.The jury also convicted Donchak of two other counts related to a plot to cover up the beating. The defense said the fight stemmed from youthful aggression, not ethnic hatred, and cast Ramirez as a hothead more than willing to fight.Witnesses gave conflicting, and at times confusing, accounts of the late-night brawl that pitted Ramirez — a short, stout man nicknamed "Caballo," Spanish for horse — against four drunken teenagers during a random encounter on the street.

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But the upside of all of this is that I have time to resume work on Charles Christopher!

Emily has become two years younger and Ash has swapped sexes completely, and is now a girl.

In order to change things back to the way they were, they must play along to ensure that Rumisiel (the angel who caused this mess in the first place!

Hispanic activists decried the May 2009 verdict in Schuylkill County Court, calling Ramirez’s death part of a rising tide of hate crimes against Latinos. Ed Rendell appealed for a Justice Department prosecution.

Prosecutors said Piekarsky delivered a fatal kick to Ramirez’s head after he’d been knocked unconscious by another teen, Colin Walsh, who pleaded guilty in federal court and testified against his childhood friends last week.

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