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Holidays in New York will be just like you've pictured it, with the yellow cabs, streets of shops and bright lights of Time Square as alluring as ever.Enjoy the sites, from Central Park to Madison Square Garden, a holiday in New York provides unparalleled sightseeing opportunities.After the ball drop in Times Square, buy tickets and celebrate some more at one of the officially hot, popular New Year's Eve parties in NYC featured below!While NYE in Times Square may be the most famous New York event and celebration, the Big Apple plays host to hundreds of the best New Year's Eve parties each year.David Cruz (1984-1994): The couple began dating when the singer was just a teenager, but split after a decade together.Wesley Snipes (1994-1995): The “Money Train” co-stars were briefly linked after meeting on set, during which Lopez filmed her first sex scene. Three 9th AF bomb groups operated the A-20 in ETO; 409th BG, 410th BG and 416th BG.

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Noa tried to sell a book about their relationship but Lopez sued and the manuscript was shut down.He became a Catholic Franciscan priest and died in 2008 in Boston. Lt ES Moorhead would be so proud of all of them today.Looking at the pages on B26and seeing what a proud strong man his father was makes me proud to call them my friends. Moorhead but have been so blessed to know his wonderful family who I am sure got that way b/c of wonderful parents.Lopez was also charged in the incident but the charges were dropped soon after.Cris Judd (2000-2002): The former backup dancer was hired to direct Lopez’s “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” in late 2000 and the couple were married by September 2001.

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