Amber dating hyuna

If Cube is gonna promote a project groups better would be Trouble Maker, Hyunseung is a grow up man, he has a lot of chemistry with Hyuna, and he wasn't overshadowed by her. Ok but this is literally unrelated to Troublemaker?? or if its a good performance, its a good performance. Many fans are looking forward to the return of Trouble Maker... How can fans be excited about the return of Trouble Maker when this isn't Trouble Maker?Cube is deciding to create a new sub-unit and suddenly everyone assumes that they're replacing Troublemaker. i thought if he left beast then he could still be in a comeback for Troublemaker as part of cube ent???? and the others from pentagon that i actually am looking forward to whatever they do - but i also know that nothing can really replace or live up to Troublemaker. Triple H (stupid name, all I can think of is the cerebral assassin) is NOT Trouble Maker with new members, ALLKPOP, it is a new unit which is likely going to be similar to Trouble Maker, but is still it's own unit completely separate from TM.

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Thursday's elimination night revealed Kree Harrison, Angie Miller, and Lazaro Arbos as this week's Top 3, while America voted off New Orleans native, Burnell Taylor. So that was just my message: "Do what you all gotta do. And I'm gonna see y'all again."What did Nicki say to you?

2NE1's CL (here in "The Baddest Female," because she is the baddest female) has a successful solo career, but remains active with the group and plans to tour with them this year.

have both had solo success but also remain with their band.

She was just saying, "Take this experience and do what I gotta do…keep my name hot." And that's what I'm gonna do.

I feel like my talent can stretch outside of this show. Now it's time for me to take what I learned from the show and build on top of that platform.

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