Accommodating the medical use of marijuana

An employee's need to consume medical marijuana triggers an employer's statutory obligations.

Section 5.1 of the Code mandates that an individual has the right to equal treatment with respect to their employment without discrimination on the grounds of "disability".

With 86 percent of Americans supporting medical marijuana, an overly restrictive policy may chase some of your workers to another employer.

(n) Parkinson's disease; (o) Positive status for HIV; (p) Post-traumatic stress disorder; (q) Sickle cell anemia; (r) Spinal cord disease or injury; (s) Tourette's syndrome; (t) Traumatic brain injury; (u) Ulcerative colitis; (v) Any other disease or condition added by the state medical board under section 4731.302 of the Revised Code. There is hereby established a medical marijuana control program in the department of commerce and the state board of pharmacy. (A) The medical marijuana advisory committee is hereby created in the state board of pharmacy. The senate president shall appoint the members described in divisions (A)(3) and (8) of this section.(3) "Academic medical center" has the same meaning as in section 4731.297 of the Revised Code.(4) "Drug database" means the database established and maintained by the state board of pharmacy pursuant to section 4729.75 of the Revised Code.And the way you talk about your issues may be making matters worse. Some wives are too willing to give up on what they want, says Susan Heitler, Ph D.She is a Denver-based clinical psychologist and author of Power of Two, a marriage skills-building course.

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